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Imperial Mailbox Build Your Own Mailbox System

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The Imperial Mailbox system is the industry standard in mailbox design. This system is designed to be interchangeable with most post/mailbox combinations. Nine different post options are available along with 7 various mailboxes. All the components are powder coated to provide a lasting finish, and constructed from cast aluminum to prevent rusting. 

For Example, A post 3 can be combined with a S scroll, number plate 1, box 1, and a knob for the door finish. The finished combination is a 311K. 


Number plate 8 can only be used with box 8.

The C scroll can only be used with an Estate box. All other boxes will use the S scroll.

Post 6 is a rather large post, a 4" x 4" square post and a 6" x 6" square base. It is strongly recommended to add the Estate Box for the best result. The Estate Box is available for box 0, 1, 4, 6. The dimensions of the Estate Box are 12" x 24" x 21", almost 35% larger than the standard box. A C scroll must be used with this box. 


Posts 1,2,5,6,7,8,9 are direct in-ground posts.

Posts 3 and 4 require attachments for in-ground. Only post 4 is an added expense for the attachment.

Post 4 can be bolted to concrete  with 3/8" concrete screws.