Replacement Doors for Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

Here in South Louisiana, the elements are tough on anything outdoors. This is especially true of our mailboxes that are exposed twenty-four hours a day. The paint seems to fade from the sun, chip from the rain and humidity, and rust over time. However, boxes and posts can be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint and brass numbers can be replaced. But, sometimes the mailbox door is another story. Screws break in the door, the aluminum door cracks and fails, or the local delivery guy destroys it completely.  It ends up like this.

Black cast aluminum mailbox without door. black cast iron mailbox without door


Replacing a mailbox can be an untimely expense, especially over just a door. Drive through any neighborhood and you are bound to see a few mailboxes without a door, or one barely hanging on. Due to the growth in South Louisiana over the last twenty years, the number of mailbox dealers has grown exponentially. There are several types of mailboxes used in various neighborhoods.  Some have been discontinued and therefore create a problem. Where do I get a new door or fix the one I have? 

Repairing or replacing these doors can be tricky, but doable. These are cast aluminum, not cast iron mailboxes, so they can be fixed or replaced relatively easy. However, because these are cast, these doors are not a universal fit. This means the door will likely have to be retrofitted and/or cut to fit the box. In almost all instances, the door will require a hinge to allow long term and proper fitting. And in some instances, a new roller and catch are needed to keep the door closed and water tight.


If you still have the door, the process is a little easier to rehang it.  Normally, a hinge can be attached to the existing door and box. Then minor door adjustments are made with a grinder to ensure a proper fit. If you no longer have the door, we can replace or customize a door if needed. Please just provide us with a few pictures of the box. The more photos of the front view and side view the better. Also, take a measurement of the INSIDE of the box lip.




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