I've lost my mailbox key. How do I get a new one?

In Recent years, more and more subdivisions have gone away from the traditional curbside mailbox. Instead, The cluster box unit, or CBU, has been the go to mail delivery system. A CBU consists of multiple mailbox slots for several homeowners, each with its own lock, and all in a centralized location. 

The USPS has decided this is a better system to deliver the mail, but it has left the homeowner asking questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions. 

Q: When I buy a house how do I get a mailbox key?

A: If the home is a new build or new purchase, you should receive multiple keys from the builder or the previous homeowner at closing. If you are purchasing from a previous homeowner, we would recommend changing the lock. See question below. 


Q: How do I send mail?

A: All Units are equipped with a mail slot for outgoing mail. 


Q: How do I receive packages?

A: Most CBUs have a parcel compartment, or one close by, to accept packages. The mail carrier will place the parcel key within your mail unit to notify you of a package delivery. This key opens the parcel compartment to retrieve your package and then is left in the lock. It can not be removed at this time. 


Q: What if I lose my mailbox key?

A: The post office does not store keys for these units. We recommend locating the manufacturer on the unit and ordering a new lock. These are very simple to change. The only tools typically needed are a 1/2 inch nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. If the unit is privately owned, meaning the post office does not directly place the mail in the slots, maintenance will usually have the master key to open the CBU. If the unit is serviced by the USPS, you must contact the post office and set up a time to open the CBU so it can be changed. We currently service these Florence Manufactured CBU's: 1570 and 4C series, Horizontal 1400 and Vertical 1250 series. 

How to change a lock on a CBU below