Package Concierge

Selve Serve Package Rooms

Package Concierge collaborates with customers to understand and address their evolving needs. This allows us to deliver the highest quality package management solutions that optimize operations and enhance user experiences across industries.

Our Products are designed, engineered, and built in the USA and are powered by user-friendly proprietary software to deliver on security, design, and functionality.


How Package Concierge Works

Our automated package delivery solutions simplify your customer's package delivery and pickup process into four easy steps:


Step 1. Resident places online order using their existing residential mail address.  


Step 2. Package is delivered into the locker system by the shipper selected carrier.

Step 3. Resident receives a notification that their package is ready for pick up.

Step 4. Resident retrieves package from the system using the barcode in the notification or app. 


To request a quote, Please contact us at 225-756-8277.