The Imperial Residential Mailbox System

Having been in the mailbox industry for over 25 years, we have seen multiple brands of mailboxes come and go. Here in South Louisiana, our boxes have to endure the extreme heat, humidity, sun, heavy rain, and the occasional hurricane. We have always been able to rely on the Imperial Mailbox System during harsh conditions, and it has been a staple in our showroom since the beginning. 

Since 1989, Imperial has been producing a cast aluminum, powder coated, all bolt system, that is second to none. The all bolt system allows for a specific part to be replaced if any damage occurs, as opposed to replacing the entire mailbox. Mailbox parts are always only a click away. This system is extremely easy to assemble, requiring only a few screws, and simple to install in-ground. There is also an option for a sidewalk or concrete pad installation. 

We offer several pre-selected mailbox and post combinations, or you can build your own. These systems come in multiple color options, each powder coated for a long lasting finish.  Every door includes a quarter sized brass knob or ring, a roller-catch assembly, and a stainless steel hinge. These boxes are fantastic at keeping the mail dry.

The mailbox itself comes in multiple options, from traditional to modern.  They vary from a simple smooth design, to an elaborate horse and carriage. Every mailbox includes a red powder coated pull flag, with the imperial stamp. The posts can range from simple to ornate, and can be used interchangeably with any mailbox. The post mounts to the rear of the mailbox with four screws. 

Please feel free to browse our selection, build your own, or contact us with any questions.